Howard County Library System
RSS Catalog Feeds

What are RSS feeds?
RSS feeds are a way for Howard County Library System (HCLS) to alert you about additions to the catalog for topics of special interest to you. Once set up, information is delivered directly to you, an added convenience to your search for titles online or on the shelves.

RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. RSS feeds are written in XML and require a feed reader.

How can I read the feeds?
You can use a web-based reader or download one to your computer.

Follow the instructions in your reader to subscribe to the feeds of your choice.

How do I subscribe to HCLS' RSS feeds?

Use one of the pre-defined feeds listed in the next section:

  • Select the feed of interest to you.
  • Click on the title of the feed.
  • Note that a link displays in the address box of your browser. Copy and paste the link into your feed reader.
  • Any new titles matching this search that were added to HCLS' catalog within the past 7 days will automatically be sent to your feed reader.

What pre-defined RSS feeds does HCLS currently offer?

Recently Purchased Titles:
Adult Audiobooks

Adult Fiction
Adult Graphic Novels
Adult Large Print
Adult Nonfiction and Biography
World Languages Books

Children's and Teen Audiobooks
Children's Fiction
Children's Media Tie-In
Children's Nonfiction and Biography
Children's Picture Books
Teen Fiction

Music CDs

Children's DVDs
Fiction DVDs
Nonfiction DVDs
TV Series DVDs
World Language DVDs

As they become available, we will add feeds for other content on HCLS' web site.