Howard County Library System
Book Club Frequently Asked Questions

How can Howard County Library System (HCLS) assist your book club?
At all HCLS branches, book club coordinators are available to gather and reserve books for registered book clubs. The coordinators can also suggest possible titles, provide tools for choosing books and preparing discussions, and refer your members to information on book club organization and maintenance.

How long will a title be held for my book club, and where will books be held?
The coordinator will hold the book at a designated branch for up to one month. In most cases, books will be held at either the Research Desk or Customer Service Desk.

How do I register my book club?
Visit or call the Research Desk at your branch and ask to speak to the book club coordinator. The coordinator will ask you to fill out a registration form and tell you the availability of your choices. You may also register online.

Will our book club be guaranteed our first choice of title?
While HCLS will make every effort to accommodate your first choice, please note that popular books with multiple holds will not be readily available. It is best if you are flexible with titles and dates and provide multiple choices. Also, check HCLS' catalog to ensure the book is available and in sufficient quantity for your group.

How many copies of a book can be held?
Up to eight copies of a title can be held. Please tell your coordinator if you need fewer copies.

How can the HCLS help our group select good titles?
If you need ideas for "good reads," HCLS Instructor & Research Specialists can offer recommendations. In addition, coordinators can provide lists of similar books for consideration. You are also welcome to pick up a current copy of Books for Discussion, a compilation of discussable fiction and nonfiction titles available at any branch.

How can I get in touch with my coordinator?
E-mail, call, or stop by and visit the coordinator.
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