Howard County Library System
American Sign Language Video Collection

Howard County Library System (HCLS) is one of a handful of libraries in the country with a collection of American Sign Language (ASL) videos. Containing over 200 videos, the collection addresses topics such as classic literature, children's stories, biographies, history of the deaf culture, health, parenting, ASL poetry, and other original ASL titles. For anyone interested in learning ASL, including parents of deaf children, anyone in the deaf culture, or those interested in interpreting, many of the videos present lessons in the language.

To support the collection, HCLS has established The George W. Veditz Memorial Fund in honor of Veditz, a famous deaf Maryland resident who promoted ASL in the early 1900's. The Fund is used to strengthen and broaden HCLS' ASL curriculum.

While the collection is housed at HCLS' Central Branch, requested items may be routed to any branch for your convenience.