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  • Pass the Book 2009-10 Review

    Thanks to Scott Westerfeld, who made time in his schedule at the Baltimore Book Festival to answer our questions & help us wrap up Pass the Book’s inaugural year! Keep visiting to track Pass the Book 2011 by the numbers.

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  • Meet Scott Westerfeld

    leviathanJust a quick update. Scott Westerfeld is scheduled to pay a visit to the Children’s Bookstore on Deepdene Road in Baltimore on the morning of Friday October 23rd. Are you a huge Midnighters fan? Are you loving Leviathan, Westerfeld’s latest YA adventure? Can you persuade your English Teacher to sign out the school minibus? The details of the visit are on Westerfeld’s schedule of events.

    …and don’t forget to read, register, and pass!

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  • The Author: Scott Westerfeld

    The Midnighters series comes to you from the mind of author Scott Westerfeld, who you may know from Peeps, the Uglies series, and So Yesterday. Westerfeld’s latest novel is Leviathan, a novel that pits the Darwinists against the Clankers, and asks “Do you oil your war machines, or do you feed them?” Watch the book trailer, and come back here soon for a full review.

    Would you like to know more about Scott Westerfeld? You’re in luck. His website includes a brief autobiography, and the Scott Facts Page. Here’s five things from the facts page that you ought to know:

    1. Scott Westerfeld’s birthday is May 5.

    2. Scott Westerfeld is married to YA author Justine Larbalestier

    3. Scott Westerfeld spends summer in Sydney, Australia and New York City.

    4. Scott Westerfeld spends winter, er… nowhere. Lucky, lucky, lucky!

    5. Scott Westerfeld is vegetarian.

    Westerfeld keeps a regular blog, You can also follow the author on Twitter, where he is @ScottWesterfeld.

    What questions would you ask Scott Westerfeld if you had the opportunity? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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