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Pass the Book by the Numbers – April 15, 2011

We’ve had an exciting week here at Pass the Book. Three books were registered for the second time. Two of these were international passes to countries that have not previously hosted a book, and the third was an out-of-state pass. Here are the details:

1178 Manila, Philippines 4/9/2011 3:08
810 Edelstein, IL, USA 4/9/2011 14:36
150 Sharjah – United Arab Emirates 4/10/2011 2:43

Book 150, a copy of The Secret Hour first registered in June 2010, was passed 7024 miles this week from Columbia, MD to Sharjah, UAE. Book 1178 was passed 8564 miles from Laurel, MD to Manila a month after being registered for the first time. There are now five different countries hosting copies of Pay the Piper – Australia, India, Japan, the Philippines and the United States. Eight countries including the UAE are hosting a copy of The Secret Hour.

We’re still hoping for a Pass the Book title to be registered in Africa or South America. If you can help us by passing a book south of the equator, pick up a copy from your closest branch of Howard County Library System this week, and register, read and pass.

Here are our totals:

- Secret Hour Pay the Piper Total
Active Copies 235 128 363
Number of Passes 339 153 492
Passed Twice 61 19 80
Passed Three Times 17 3 20
Passed Four Times 4 2 – Book 1073 and book 1158 6
Passed Five Times 1 – Book 446 - -
Passed Six Times 1 – Book 562 - -
Participating States 17 9 -
Participating Countries 8 5 -

Only eight more passes are required for us to log a total of 500 passes! Do you have a book? Pass it this week and help us to reach this milestone.

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