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Pass the Book by the Numbers – April 22nd, 2011

Three more copies of Pay the Piper were registered this week. One was registered in-state for the first time, and two were passed out of state & registered for the second time.  Book 643 traveled 613 miles to Gurnee, IL and Book 631 traveled 295 miles from Elkton, MD to Niagara Falls. Here are the details:

969 College Park, MD, USA 4/19/2011 21:40
631 Niagara Falls, NY, USA 4/21/2011 2:15
643 Gurnee, IL, USA 4/21/2011 15:47

Book 643 is the second book registered in Illinois, and our third registration there after the recent adventures of book 810. Meanwhile, book 631 is our fourth book registered in New York State. Two books (562 and 1158) have been registered in West Point, book 234 was registered in New York City in February 2010, and this week’s registration expands Pass the Book to Niagara Falls, NY.

Here are our current totals. You’ll notice that we’re closing in on another milestone:

- Secret Hour Pay the Piper Total
Active Copies 235 129 364
Number of Passes 339 156 495
Passed Twice 61 21 82
Passed Three Times 17 3 20
Passed Four Times 4 2 – Book 1073 and book 1158 6
Passed Five Times 1 – Book 446 - -
Passed Six Times 1 – Book 562 - -
Participating States 17 9 -
Participating Countries 8 5 -

As we enter the last week of April 2011, we’re only five passes away from recording our 500th registration. If you have a book, pass it this week to help us reach our goal. If you would like to launch a book this week, visit the closest branch of Howard County Library to collect a copy.

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