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Longest Pass Contest 2011

It is summer, and the time has come once again for the Pass the Book longest pass contest.

Are you traveling this summer? Why not Pass the Book while you’re there? Maybe you’re staying home and someone is coming to visit you.  Why not send them home with a book to pass?

Between Friday July 1 and Friday August 19 we’re on the lookout for the three books that are passed the farthest distance from point A to point B in a single pass. Books should be registered at both ends of their pass to qualify.

Prizes will be awarded to the three people who pass those books and the three people who register those books when they receive them. Last year’s longest pass winners all sent their books more than 3000 miles across international borders, so think big!

If you’re traveling this summer…or even if you’re not…don’t forget to read, register, and pass!

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