Customer Service Aide

Customer Service Aide

male volunteer
Position Title: Customer Service Aide

Branch: Central, East Columbia, Elkridge, Glenwood, Miller, Savage

Department: Customer Service

Major Responsibilities: Shelving books and shelf-reading sections to keep them in order, and other tasks as assigned. Possible tasks include: shifting collections and sorting deliveries, and boxing donations.

Training: Training is on the job


Good attention to detail, ability to work independently, and ability to focus on detailed task.
Ability to learn how to put materials in alpha/Dewey Decimal order.
Physically able to push and pull heavy book carts.
Ability to reach top and bottom shelves, bend, and stretch.
Willingness to perform a variety of tasks.
Respect for diverse lifestyles, cultures, religions, and values.
Cooperate with Library staff.

Length of commitment
: Six months

Time Involvement
: Two hours once or twice a week