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  • Teen Advisory Board

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    Do you enjoy getting together with your friends to gossip on the latest new thing? Guess what…kids do, too! Each Howard County Library branch hosts an HCL Teen Advisory Board, where students have the opportunity to recommend books, music, and movies; develop and plan events for teens; and work with Library instructors on projects they create. Service learning hours available for some projects. No registration required.

    Central Branch

    Mondays; 3:30 – 4:30 pm    Dec 13, Jan 10, Feb 1

    East Columbia Branch

    First Tuesdays; 4:30 – 5:30 pm   Dec 7, Jan 4, Feb 8

    Elkridge Branch

    Thursdays; 4 – 5 pm    Jan 27, Feb 24

    Glenwood Branch

    Fourth Tuesdays; 7 – 8 pm    Jan 25, Feb 22

    Miller Branch

    Mondays; 4 – 5 pm    Dec 6, Jan 10, Feb 7

    Savage Branch

    First Thursdays; 4 – 5 pm    Dec 2, Jan 6, Feb 3

    Amy Stephens – Howard County Library, Glenwood Branch

    This Week’s Hi-Lights: The Great Scavenger Hunt! and Holiday Crafts

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  • Assignment Alert!

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    So what, exactly, is an Assignment Alert?

    Is it broadcast on the police band radio? (nope)

    Is it a submarine command?  (A-OOGAH!  A-OOGAH!) (that’s just silly)

    It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with homework, could it? well …

    YES! It has everything to do with homework!  And our ability to ensure your students have everything they need to complete it successfully!

    When you assign a research project, book report, or any work that you suspect may land your students in the Library, you’re invited to visit our web site and complete an Assignment Alert. This online form is sent directly to the Research Specialist assigned to your school.

    In response, we may put related materials on display, call in additional resources from other branches, or prepare to offer instruction in the use of our electronic resources. We may contact you to confirm the assignment details or offer to visit your class to provide additional research instruction to your students.We may even be able to assist that one student who arrives at the Library remembering he had to research an African nation…but not which one or the questions he was supposed to answer.

    Every little bit helps – we love to help!  Visit –> Students and Teachers –> Teachers to assist us, so we can assist your students.

    Katie George – Administration Offices

    This Week’s Hi-Lights: Research E-Books

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  • Where’s the Help: Locating Support for your Student

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    Is it interim progress report time already?

    Do you have a student who needs some extra academic or emotional support?

    What can you offer during conferences for parents of struggling students?

    Where is the help?

    Howard County offers many resources for students who need that extra boost, or who have additional needs to be met. Parents can meet many of these experts at Where’s the Help: Locating Support for your Student.  Representatives from Howard County Public School System, Howard County Autism Society, Individual Differences in Learning, Learning Disability Association of Howard County, Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, and Stressless Tests describe the types of students they support. After having a chance to introduce themselves, our experts remain for one-on-one conversations with parents. If an organization describes familiar difficulties, a parent will have an opportunity to speak individually with that expert in a comfortable environment.

    Register to ensure a seat at Where’s the Help: Locating Support for your Student on Tuesday, October 19 at 7 pm at Howard County Library’s East Columbia Branch (in the 50+ Center).

    Katie George – Administration Office

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  • Career and Technology Education Expo: Health and Bio Sciences

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    Do you have students interested in pursuing a biotechnology or health care career? Advances in medical knowledge, biosciences, and technology is leading to innovation in patient care and biomedical research. The growing public awareness of health issues and their treatment or prevention and promotion of wellness is opening the doors to creating new career opportunities in the health care and biotechnology fields.

    Visit the Elkridge Branch on Monday, February 1; 7:00 pm to hear knowledgeable HCPSS Career and Technology Education staff and students present information about the CTE Career Academies and demonstrate skills they have learned.

    Registration is not required.

    Amy Stephens – Howard County Library, Glenwood Branch

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  • Book Reports

    Are your students reading for a book report? We love to support them! Howard County Library staff can visit your classroom to promote the best books for your assignment – or let us know what books you have assigned and we can make sure they are available. Send your students into the Library to pick up their books – or invite us to your class and we can bring them to you!

    To begin, complete an Assignment Alert or contact your school’s Library liaison. The more information you provide, the better we can match your students with the right materials!


    Amy Stephens – Glenwood Branch Howard County Library

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  • Science Fair Starters

    test tube pouring into a beaker It’s autumn again, and that can only mean one thing…it’s time to choose a science fair project! We want to help your students turn this daunting task into a major success, so invite us into your classroom to present “Science Fair Starters.” In 30 minutes we’ll show your students how to use Howard County Library resources to discover research topics, experiments, and information that will make this year’s science fair project their best one yet! Contact your Library liaison to schedule “Science Fair Starters” for your classroom, or read more about it in our Middle and High School Curriculum Enhancement Guide.


    Amy Stephens – Howard County Library Glenwood Branch



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  • Curriculum Enhancement Guides

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    Our goal is to connect your students with powerful information resources to help them succeed. One of our most valuable resources, and a must-have for Howard County’s educators, is the Curriculum Enhancements & Educational Services brochure from Howard County Library. Copies of this brochure in print are available from your local branch. Both the Elementary and Middle & High School brochures are also available for download in PDF format from the teacher pages at

    These brochures list and describe the classes that  staff can teach for your students, whether at the Library or at school, and detail many of the resources that support your students in completing assignments and understanding concepts. The brochures also contain contact details for the Library instructors who can schedule and teach a class, or gather resources for your students. Download a copy of the Elementary or Middle & High School Curriculum Enhancement and Educational Services Brochure today, and make contact with your partner Library to schedule a class!

    John Jewitt - Howard County Library Savage Branch

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  • Live Homework Help

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    One of the most valuable resources we have to offer students is Live Homework Help.

    Sometimes when students are away from your classroom and fervently completing their homework assignments, they encounter obstacles. When this happens, students should know that they can use their Howard County Library card to access a live tutor seven days a week from 2:00 pm to 1:00 am! Tutors are available to help students in fourth through twelfth grades with math, science, social studies, and English.

    Just who are these tutors? They are certified teachers, college professors, professional tutors, graduate school students, and undergraduates from top universities. Their job is to work one-on-one with students via the internet. Tutors are trained to teach the material, not simply spoon-feed answers, so you can be sure that your students are learning and practicing the material from your classroom, not just taking the easy way out!

    Tutors use robust electronic tools, like interactive whiteboards for geometry diagrams. With a bit of advanced notice, they’ll review student essays and reports.

    Follow this link to learn more or, better yet, log on and try it out for yourself!


    Amy Stephens – Howard County Library Glenwood Branch

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  • About Teacher Notes

    Welcome Howard County educators! As it says on our web site, “Howard County Library is pleased to provide teachers with a myriad of resources as they plan their lessons and assignments.”

    Many Howard County Public School System faculty have asked for a convenient way to receive updates on these resources. This blog is one way to meet that need. It will be updated regularly with information you can share with your colleagues and students. Visit us regularly or subscribe to the RSS feed and have the information delivered to you!

    Amy Stephens – Howard County Library Glenwood Branch

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  • Library Cards

    A Howard County Library card is a powerful tool!

    Use it to

    • check out books, movies, music, and more
    • download and e-book from home
    • search for a magazine article in the middle of the night
    • access Live Homework Help
    • and more….

    Apply for a special A+ Teacher Card and get even more benefits like extended borrowing periods!

    Stop in anytime or apply online.

    Library Card Application or A+ Teacher Card Application

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