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Teacher Notes From Howard County Library - Archive for September, 2008
  • PSAT Prep

    image of testing and education reference center web site
    The PSAT is scheduled for Wednesday, October 15. Are you prepared? Howard County Library can help!

    Grab your Library card and visit Testing & Education Reference Center .

    This resource provides preparation materials for many different kinds of standardized tests. For the PSAT, you’ll find an online practice test and a downloadable e-book.

    Good luck!

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  • Information Literacy

    Where do your students find the information they need to complete your assignments?

    National studies have shown that although our students have access to an unprecedented amount of information, they still need to learn how to find the right information for the task at hand.

    This year, when you assign a long-term research project, invite Howard County Library staff to your classroom. We can introduce your students to the Big 6, and teach them where to find information tailored to your assignment.

    Contact your school’s Library liaison to schedule a visit.

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  • Back to School Night

    Back to School Night is a busy night for everyone! Hallways buzz with excitement as parents fitfully navigate their students’ routines and teachers squeeze all the information they can into the time allotted.

    Take a moment during your Back to School Night to stop and say, “hi” to your librarian.

    That’s right! Howard County Library staff attend Back to School Nights, too. It’s a great time to remind faculty, parents, and students about the power of a library card. Use it to check out books, connect with a free tutor, download e-books, research long-term projects, and so much more! For those who arrive without a library card, we’ll send you home with one.

    See you at Back to School Night!

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