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National History Day

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Are your students working on projects for National History Day? Information Specialists at Howard County Library can help. As part of our A+ Partnership, Howard County Library offers a class that focuses on our history resources, connecting your students with both primary and secondary materials, and encouraging them to think critically about the information they discover. This year, our class is tailored to match the 2010 National History Day theme of Innovation in History.

With a particular focus on electronic resources including American Periodicals, the Historical New York Times, History Resource Center, and the Gale Virtual Reference Library, the class equips your students to formulate appropriate historical questions, and to critically evaluate both primary and secondary source materials. Instructors also focus on information literacy, encouraging students to consider the authority of their sources and to identify the author or source of a historical document or narrative.

Contact the Teen Specialist at your local Howard County Library branch to schedule a class.

John Jewitt – Howard County Library Savage Branch

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