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How to Conquer the College Essay

image of student trying to climb up a stack of filesHoward County Library presented Conquer the College Essay last Thursday.  Topics covered included:

  • What do those questions really mean?
  • What are admissions officers looking for?
  • How do I even start writing this thing?

We thought we’d post those details, right here!

The College Board’s web site has lots of succinct, well-organized information on decoding the questions, what answers admissions officers want to see, three easy steps to starting that essay, and time management. There are even two sample essays, with comments included, so students can see what recruiters are really thinking.

For those students who want to read more samples, there are plenty of successful college essays out there. Teen Ink publishes real college essays written by real high school students. Connecticut College has posted quite a few essays written by students who have been accepted to that school…and graduated.

Students can have a tutor review their work. Just log onto the Library’s Online Homework Assistance to upload an essay. A tutor will read the essay and return it with comments on how to make it a stronger, more organized argument, as well as corrections to spelling and grammar.

And books. Don’t forget the books! We have tons of books on writing the essay and completing that college application.

Good luck…and don’t forget to write!


Katie George – Administration Offices

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