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  • Pass the Book Honored as 2011 Best Literacy Program for Teens

    pass the book 2011 logoHave your students passed the book?

    If so…they are among the 469 world-wide teen readers who have made Pass the Book this year’s YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association) MAE Best Literacy Program for Teens, an award honoring an outstanding reading or literature program that brings young adults and books together to encourage the development of life-long reading habits.

    If not…contact your Library liaison to get your students involved in this award-winning project!  Teens can visit any HCL branch to pick up a copy of this year’s Pass the Book, Pay the Piper by Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple.  (Or, we can bring copies right to your classroom!)  Once the book is in-hand, teens register the book’s unique number at; read the book; and pass the book on to another teen who will repeat the process.

    Thanks to all of our teen readers who registered, read, and passed…as well as to all of our teachers who introduced the project to their students.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

    Katie George – Administration Office

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  • Name That Book

    image of book spines

    It is always said that you should never judge a book from its cover, but what about naming a book by its cover?

    In this battle of supreme book knowledge, your students will be challenged to come up with the names of books from puzzle-pieces of book covers. Whoever answers first with the correct title gets a point; the one with the most points at the end of the night wins the prize!

    Name That Book will be on Tuesday, March 15 at the Glenwood Branch from 7 – 8 pm, and you can register here.

    Whose knowledge will reign supreme?

    Amy Stephens – Howard County Library, Glenwood Branch

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  • Shadows and Light

    image of a ground hog sitting up

    In honor of Groundhog Day, your students can join us to explore the science of shadows and light. Projects include making a pinhole camera and building a sundial. Registration required.

    SAVAGE Feb 3 Thu    6:30 – 8 pm

    John Jewitt – Howard County Library, Savage Branch




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  • First Look Committee

    image of character holding a magnifying glass Let’s face it: some teens just LOVE being the first to hear about something. It can be just about anything, but just knowing that they are privy to information other people don’t have gives them a sense of inside knowledge. With the First Look Committee at the Central Branch on Tuesday, December 21 at 7:00 pm, your students can do just that. They will get to peruse books that the public hasn’t seen yet because they have yet to be published. Talk about inside information; who will they share the juicy plot line with first?

    Amy Stephens – Howard County Library Glenwood Branch





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  • Happy Holidays Teen Lock-In

    animated image of happy holidays lights Are the Winter blues starting to bog your students down? Have them rejuvinated in no time with some holiday festivities at the Happy Holidays Teen Lock-In on Saturday, December 18 from 7:00-9:30 pm at the East Columbia Branch. There will be scavenger hunts, crafts, and lots of holiday cheer to get your students out of their funk and into the holiday spirit! Permission slips are mandatory, and can be printed here. Register online or by calling 410-313-7700.

    Amy Stephens – Howard County Library Glenwood Branch





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  • Handmade Holiday Crafts

    image of popsicle snowman craft project

    The holiday season – and gift giving – is just around the corner. Handmade gifts have several advantages, most important being heartfelt effort. Students can join us to create festive seasonal decorations and personalized crafts to give as gifts.


    (Registration required)

    Thursday, Dec 9 from 6:30 – 8 pm


    (Registration required)

    Saturday, Dec from 11  2 – 3 pm

    John Jewitt - Howard County Library, Savage Branch

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  • Second time around!

    Just to double-check…

    Did your students love the Arthur Slade: Author Study?

    Couldn’t get enough of the Chinese Jewelry Workshop?

    They are going to be excited to hear that they have another chance to be part of these great events (among others)! We have a little something for everyone. Here are some HCL events for teens that are occurring in the month of November:

    Tech Chicks

    Robotic engineering for the tech-savvy girl, held at Central Branch.

    Arthur Slade: Author Study

    November 29 will focus on The Hunchback Assignments, held at Elkridge Branch.

    Chinese Jewelry Workshop

    This last session will be on cross knots and prosperity knots, held at East Columbia Branch.

    First Look Comittee

    Be among the first to read exciting new books before they are published, and get service learning hours! Held at Central Branch.

    Amy Stephens – Howard County Library Glenwood Branch


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  • Islamic Calligraphy

    Art and history come together seamlessly in Arabic calligraphy. Students of both can benefit by learning how the beauty and form of the Arabic letter transcends culture.  As a court-sponsored enterprise and a cottage industry in Islamic societies, calligraphy has long been a highly traditional Islamic art form. It was supported by many related trades and crafts, like paper and ink making.

    Elinor A. Holland, of Harmony of Line in New York, offers a fun-filled introduction to this ancient art. Includes slide show and hands-on workshop. Held at the East Columbia Branch (50+ Center) on Tuesday, November 16 from 6 – 8 pm.

    Registration is required. Refreshments provided.

    Sponsored by Howard County Muslim Council.

    Amy Stephens, Howard County Library Glenwood Branch

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  • Battle of the Bands – Pass the Book

    pas the book 2011 logoDo you have students who really love music?

    This event is perfect for them to listen as local bands compete for the title of

    The band with the most fans in attendance receives two hours of studio time with Omni1productions! Best of all, your students will be able to pick up a copy of the new
    Pass the Book, Pay the Piper.

    Battle of the Bands will be held at the Gary J. Arthur Community Center on
    Friday, October 22 from 7-9 pm
    for students ages 14-17.

    Co-Sponsored by the Gary J. Arthur Community Center and The Western Horizon Council.

    Amy Stephens – Glenwood Branch

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  • Science of Slime

    image of kid holding slimeHave your students learned about colloids this year? If they enjoyed their ooey, gooey time spent learning about different mixtures and components, then they will love the hands-on experience of making their own slime. The Science of Slime will be held at Howard County Library’s Glenwood Branch on Tuesday, April 20 at 7:00 pm, and registration is required.


    Amy Stephens – Glenwood Branch



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