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Welcome to This is Your Life


Welcome to This is Your Life! A Howard County Library initiative, This is Your Life is designed to encourage Howard Countians to celebrate and record their own personal histories and to preserve the historical, cultural, educational, and societal changes that have occurred in Howard County over the years.

Established to gather and preserve the collective memory of the county, This is Your Life began began in the spring of 2007 with Oral History Technique classes at the Library. These classes taught participants how to collect oral histories and were based on the Smithsonian Folk Life Oral History Guidelines. Since then, more than 90 oral histories have been collected and archived.

At this site, you can listen to podcasts of oral histories and find Library classes on related topics such as genealogy and creating and preserving family histories. You can also read reviews on recommended books, discover upcoming events, and link to other sites.

To listen to specific podcasts, click on names listed under Recent Posts on the left navigation bar.

If you or someone you know would like to be interviewed for this project, please contact Lois Sanders at 410.313.7791. All interviews are recorded and archived. Interviewees receive a copy of their interview.