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2014 Summer Reading - FIZZ!  BOOM!  READ!  Grades K - 5  Translations : CHINESE / KOREAN / SPANISH


Fizz Boom Read illustrtionWin prizes when you register for the Summer Reading Club!
Get a game board when you sign up and, as you read throughout the summer, enter bonus drawings for a chance to win a prize.  And when you have completed 12 books or activities, redeem your prize pass between July 2 and August 31 for a prize.  August 16 is the last day to register and to be eligible for systemwide bonus prize drawings.

You can read anything!
Read magazines, newspapers, books from a school reading list, or any book that you like! There also are some other reading activities on the game board. Check out a list of books for Kindergarten and Grade 1, Grades 2 & 3, and Grades 4 & 5 developed by Howard County Library System instructors in conjunction with Howard County Public School System. Or try our interactive e-books for kids.

2014 Book Lists for grades K - 5
  • Kindergarten - Grade 1 
  • Grades 2 - 3
  • Grades 4 -5
Reading Fun For the Rest of the Family:

WEE SCIENCE - Babies and toddlers can read with mom, dad, or any adult.
SPARK A REACTION - For teens who want to join in the fun and win prizes!
LITERARY ELEMENTS - Adults can enjoy reading, too!

2014 Summer Reading Club is sponsored by The Friends of Howard County Library System and others.

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Summer Reading Club