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Triskaidekalogisms: A

As you know if you’ve started to read Midnighters: The Secret Hour already, Slithers and Darklings can’t deal with the number thirteen. To survive in the secret hour you’ll need to know some thirteen letter words, some Triskaidekalogisms, so that you can breathe a name into clean pieces of new metal and protect yourself from the primitive forces that menace the blue time. We’ll be checking in over the next month or so to point you towards some great and useful words. You’ll be surprised at how many great triskaidekalogisms are out there.

Since we’re librarians, we’re gripped by an overwhelming urge to start at the beginning of the alphabet, and has a great list of thirteen letter words beginning with A. Take a look at the list. Which word is your favorite and why? What name would you choose for your clean steel?

I just named my trashcan lid Asthmatically Assassinating Anthracomancy! That ought to keep the slithers from my door. Add your chosen name to the comments, and don’t forget to read, register and pass the book!

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