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Assignment Alert!

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So what, exactly, is an Assignment Alert?

Is it broadcast on the police band radio? (nope)

Is it a submarine command?  (A-OOGAH!  A-OOGAH!) (that’s just silly)

It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with homework, could it? well …

YES! It has everything to do with homework!  And our ability to ensure your students have everything they need to complete it successfully!

When you assign a research project, book report, or any work that you suspect may land your students in the Library, you’re invited to visit our web site and complete an Assignment Alert. This online form is sent directly to the Research Specialist assigned to your school.

In response, we may put related materials on display, call in additional resources from other branches, or prepare to offer instruction in the use of our electronic resources. We may contact you to confirm the assignment details or offer to visit your class to provide additional research instruction to your students.We may even be able to assist that one student who arrives at the Library remembering he had to research an African nation…but not which one or the questions he was supposed to answer.

Every little bit helps – we love to help!  Visit –> Students and Teachers –> Teachers to assist us, so we can assist your students.

Katie George – Administration Offices

This Week’s Hi-Lights: Research E-Books

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